7 Fun Things to Do Instead of Drinking At Night

Awesome Things to Do Instead of Drinking At Night

things to do instead of drinking at night
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One of the keys to succeeding in recovery is crafting a remarkable life after addiction. Drinking for enjoyment might start harmless but can lead down to a road of misery for those with addiction.

Recovery doesn’t have to be boring. Although your idea of fun might have been getting sloppy drunk, finding new interests at night can be amazing without the negative consequences alcohol brings.

For the list below, I tried not to include activities that are commonly associated with alcohol like dancing at a nightclub, or concerts. So, without further ado, here are some ideas for things to do besides drinking.

7 Fun Night Activities Instead of Drinking

    1. Movies: Movies sales have declined with the introduction of online videos, but watching a film on the big screen can be an enjoyable nighttime activity. Some theaters even have movie passes that make your movie nights more affordable. Moviepass.com has plans that start at $19.99 as of this writing. With all the money you saved from not drinking, enjoy a good comedy.
    2. Dinner: Before the movie, why not hit up a restaurant. But, this time try a restaurant you’ve never been to. Plus experiment with different types of cuisine. You can try an Ethiopian, Thai, or a Nepalese spot.
    3. Bowling: Pick up a game of bowling. Bowling can be fun even if you’re not great at it. But, if you are, you might also join a league and show off your talents.
    4. Escape Games: Escape rooms can be fun while showing off your detective skills. Most major cities have several escape rooms with cool themed options.
    5. Painting: Tune into your artistic side with art. There are several venues with different themed painting opportunities. You can even arrange a private paint party with a group of your sober friends sans the alcohol.
    6. Themed Party: Gather a bunch of your friends and come up with an awesome themed party. Some ideas are a desserts only party, superhero party, or create something unique.
    7. Scavenger Hunt: Have fun exploring your town and discover things you didn’t know about your city.

So there you have it, here are a few fun things to do instead of drinking. Here’s to your beautiful life in recovery.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Comment below the fun things you do besides drinking.

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