We at Unite Recovery believe that like any other physical or mental disease, addiction is also a serious medical ailment and deserves proper care, attention, and treatment.  Shunning away people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. Alcohol and drug addiction is not a moral shortcoming; it is a serious health concern and should be treated accordingly.

The founder of Unite Recovery,  Carlene Westfall, MD began this organization with the aim to spread information about the epidemic of addiction. Increasing awareness that it is a disease, it needs treatment, and it won’t go away on its own. Addiction is often treated in our society as a crime, and addicts are disregarded and mistreated like criminals. People who suffer from addiction are not criminals or bad people; instead, they need guidance, support, and all the medical and moral support available.

Mission Statement

We at Unite Recovery work dedicatedly and tirelessly to achieve our objectives of:

  • Sharing information regarding medical health care facilities, services, support, and resources to normalize the concept of addiction.
  • Raising awareness regarding this state of physical and mental health and how to avert and diminish this epidemic from our society.
  • Educating people who are suffering from addiction and family members to know that they are not alone. Addiction is treatable and should be managed appropriately before it becomes fatal.
  • Steering and guiding individuals regarding the proper course of action that should be adopted to treat the disease of addiction.

Why choose us?

  • We care. Unite Recovery was founded to make this society a better living place and its citizens’ better and healthy individuals. Our first and foremost priority is to impart knowledge and provide high standards of services to people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. We aim to eradicate this disease and make people aware of how great recovery can be.
  • We are capable. Our teams of expert, skilled, and competent staff members are fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help you fight addiction and rise out of a dangerous situation.
  • We deliver. Our claims to make this place a better living society with individuals of improved health and fitness are just not vacant claims, but we possess the ability and potential to deliver our promises as well fully. We aim to help you fight addiction and be a better and healthier human being.

Unite Recovery is continually researching and coming up with new ideas and techniques to not only raise awareness about addiction and how lethal it can be for the community but also to discover innovative treatment options.

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